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Postal code search on the address in Moscow. The determination of any ZIP code in Moscow. Search index on the specified street.

Welcome to the search server and information aggregator "The zip codes of Moscow!"

By using our site in seconds you can find detailed information about every postal code of the Moscow.

Search works in three ways:

1. Search ZIP Code by address. On the search page you must enter an address or select an address from the address list. Next, the system searches for address information and produces the result that contains the zip code, information about the post office, including opening hours, telephone and other Item Facts. Also, to address and post office displays a map on which the marked objects.

2. Search adress by ZIP Code. On the search page you must enter the zip code of Moscow, the system analyzes the information and displays information about the zip code, including the maintenance of post office of the index and list of addresses that have this zip code.

3. Postal code search through the list of post offices in Moscow. On the search page you will find a list of post offices, grouped by area of Moscow. By clicking on the post office that you are interested, you can find out information about the schedule of the post office, contact information of post office and a list of addresses serviced by this department.

In some ways it's a unique service. In addition to general background information given map, the area of the city, as well as codes OKATO and other information. We will try to make our project better by the day!