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Postal index Russia, Moscow, Starofilinskaya, ulitsa, 2

Zip code for Moscow, ulitsa Starofilinskaya, 2: 141411
You can found other buildings (adresses) that have postal (zip) code 141411 on page Post office 141411.

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1. Information about the post office «». Address, phone, hours of operation and other information.

The post office is located at:

Post office contact phone:

Attention! These phone numbers are in russian national format. For calling not from Russia you must replace 8-49X-XXX-XX-XX to +7-49X-XXX-XX-XX

hours of operation:

From Monday to Friday:
Saturday, Sunday:

Post office rang -

The post office «» on the map:

More information about the post office № 141411.

2. Information about the address «ulitsa Starofilinskaya, 2».

ulitsa Starofilinskaya, 2 on the map: